Chess Tournament, South Jordan Library, October 29, 2016

By Jonathan Whitcomb, chess tutor in the Salt Lake Valley

A free chess tournament will be held for students from kindergarten through twelfth grade, at the county library in South Jordan, Utah, on October 29, 2016. If my information source is correct, it will be a three-round tournament from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., with an online registration deadline of Friday, October 28th (one day before the event date). If you have any question not covered here, you can try the following:

South Jordan Library
Laura Renshaw, Youth Services Librarian
10673 South Redwood Road
South Jordan, Utah 84095

The tournament director will probably be the chess expert Alexander Gustafsson, who is also a chess coach.

As I understand, by the early afternoon of this writing, nine young players had already registered online, but we have only a few more days in which registration is available. I’ll now report what has been made known to me and add some insights from my own experience as both a tournament player (years ago) and a tournament director.

Don’t worry, just enjoy it

You don’t need to decide who to play or worry about where to sit. The pairings will probably be written or printed onto a sheet of paper, so just look for your name and then the name of your opponent (next to your name) for the round that is about to start.

It’s customary to shake hands with your opponent both before and after the game. If you know how to record chess moves, fine, but I predict this is not required or expected in this non-rated chess tournament.

General Information on this Chess Tournament

It appears this will be a Swiss System, which allows about eight players or so to compete in each section of this three-round tournament. No player is eliminated during this chess competition, and I assume the sections will be organized by age. For example, if twenty-four players register ahead of time (registration deadline is a day before the tournament), three sections could be arranged by age, with eight players per section. This could mean that high school and junior high students would play against each other but not against any of the youngest children.

The county library online page says the tournament will be “three rounds of 25 minute games,” which I would translate from chess-competition language into this:

You will play three games of chess. In each game, you will be limited to 25 minutes of thinking time total. That will make each chess game last less than an hour, for each of the two players in each game gets 25 minutes to think in that game.

The officially announced time for the tournament is from 2:00 to 5:00 which can allow the director enough time to process the pairings between the end of one round and the beginning of the next round. I advise that each family/player arrives at the library by 1:30 p.m., to allow the event to start on time, in case of unforeseen traffic problems. This will also allow an early restroom outing and give time for pre-tournament questions.

I’ve not yet seen any announcement of trophy awards, but this is a free tournament so I would not expect anything spectacular.

This is for all levels of expertise, so don’t be intimidated if you’re just a beginner. You DO need to know the rules of chess, however, meaning you know how to move the pieces around. In other words, this is not an event that teaches you the rules of the game. With that said, I would not worry if you’re not 100% clear about the en passant pawn capture or the fifty-move rule for getting a draw in a long end game. Just come and play chess on Saturday, October 29, 2016, from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., as long as you register online by one day prior to the event.

Here is the link for directions to the library.

Library in South Jordan, Utah

As soon as you enter the library, turn left into the room


young persons play in a chess tournament

Generic photo of young persons in a chess tournament




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Chess Tournaments in Utah

The following show the names of some of the players who did exceptionally well, placing at or near the top in the larger chess tournaments (rated) in Utah in the first three months of 2016. Blitz and other speed tournaments are not included in these lists. Regular USCF ratings are shown for after the tournament in question. “P” means provisional rating.

2016 Igor Ivanov Memorial (January 23)

Open Section

#1 Eric Hon (2095) 3½-½

#2 (tied) David Vasquez (1967) 3-1

#2 (tied) Steve Hoisington (1806) 3-1

#2 (tied) Ryan Gould (1688) 3-1

#3 (tied) Bryan B. Leano (2123) 2½-1½

#3 (tied) David Talmage Day (1652) 2½-1½

U-1400 Section

#1 Trey Ethan Haight  (1277) 4-0

#2 (tied) Zichen Zeng (1495-P) 3½-½

#2 (tied) Jonathan Malachi Williams (1375) 3½-½

#3 (six players tied for third place)


State High School Championships of 2016 (Feb 26-27)

#1 (tied) Eric Hon (2088) 5½-½

#1 (tied Clancey George Black (1810) 5½-½

#2 (tied) Jesse Trent Johnson (1820) 5-1

#2 (tied) Luis A. Goodrich (1490) 5-1

(Four players tied for third place)


Junior High Chess Championship (tournament held from Feb 26-27)

#1 (tied) Andrew Roach (2107) 5½-½

#1 (tied) Alexander Jianran Qi (1670) 5½-½

#2 (tied) Jonathan Malachi Williams (1383) 5-1

#2 (tied) Jacinda Lee (1360) 5-1

(Four students tied for 3rd)


Girls Chess Tournament of 2016 (February 20)

Open Section

#1 Anna Lee (1169) 5-0

#2 Chloe Lin Parke (1019) 4-1

#3 Leya Josheph (830) 3½-1½

Grades 3-5 Section

#1 Kiley Almond (589-P) 4½-½

#2 (tied) Sapphire Wang (751-P) 4-1

#2 (tied) Felicia Che (542-P) 4-1

#2  ”  Isabel Ibarra (536-P) 4-1

Grades K-2 Section

#1 Madeline Roach (668) 5-0

#2 Mabel Yin Crouse (401-P) 4-1

#3 Annie Li (577-P) 3½-1½


Second Annual Salt Lake Open Chess Tournament (March 19)

Open Section

#1 Brandon Clarke (2340) 4-0

#2 Bryan B. Leano (2143) 3½-½

#3 (tied) Stephen Wayne Gordon (2100) 3-1

#3   ”  Eric Hon (2088) 3-1

#3   ”  Alexander Kenneth Gustaffson (2067) 3-1

#3    ”  Juan Zhang (1891) 3-1

#3    ”  Steve Hoisington (1832) 3-1

U1600 Section

#1 Ajay Sundaram Iyer (1516-P) 4-0

#2 Kevin Xu (1495) 3½-½

#3 (tied) Charles Rasmussen (1530) 3-1

#3    ”  Bryan Guo (1462) 3-1

#3    ”  Wesly Grant Harston (1421) 3-1

#3    ”  Jonathan Malachi Williams (1401) 3-1

#3    ”  Preston Roger Thompson (1394-P) 3-1

#3    ”  Jacinda Lee (1335) 3-1

U1000 Section

#1 Natalie Laurel Germanov (942) 5-0

#2 Leya Joseph (912) 4-1

#2 (tied) Jerry Zheng (885-P) 4-1

#2    ”  Spencer McKay Holmes (875-P) 4-1

#2    ”  Brandon Baggett (788-P) 4-1

#2    ”  Joseph Grady Krois (761) 4-1


State K-6 Championship chess tournament (March 12)

This has also been called the “Utah Elementary Championship” of 2016. It was divided into seven sections: kindergarten through sixth grade. A total of 451 elementary school children participated in this chess tournament.

Sixth Grade Section (60 students in this division)

#1 Gatlin Scott Black (1464) 6-0

#2  (tied) Anna Lee (1206) 5-1

#2 (tied) Jason Elzinga (1108-P) 5-1

#2    ”  Phillip X Liu (854) 5-1

#2    ”  Benjamin Robert Ludlow (847-P) 5-1

#2    ”  Rik Bhattacharyya (686-P) 5-1

Fifth Grade Section (91 chess players in this division)

#1 (tied) Brendon Young (1087) 5½-½

#1 (tied) Benjamin Watanabe (1079) 5½-½

#2 (tied) Oliver Dias Moore (1031) 5-1

#2   ”  Travis Peter Gervais (1027-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Jackson Kunz (1002-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Kunal Kamtekar (1001) 5-1

#2   ”  Dylan Martin (932-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Brock F. Baker (899-P) 5-1

Fourth Grade Section (76 children played chess in this division)

#1 Chloe Lin Parke (1052) 5½-½

#2 (tied) Austin Roach (1047) 5-1

#2   ”  Tyler Nielson (919-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Sapphire Wang (853-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Chendi Luo (698) 5-1

#2   ”  Andrew Garzella (656) 5-1

#2   ”  Brigham Anson Call (579-P) 5-1

Third Grade Section (76 kids in this division of the tournament)

#1 Ujan Ray (1160) 6-0

#2 (tied) Jacob Schonlau (1007-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Ryken Brown (786-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Kaitlyn Cao (760) 5-1

#2   ”  Joshua Joseph (736) 5-1

Second Grade Section (69 children)

#1 Jerry Zheng (846-P) 6-0

#2 (tied) Kazim M Ali (899-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Juntian Deng (824-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Madeline Roach (719) 5-1

#2   ”  Ethan Almond (616-P) 5-1

First Grade Section (50 children)

#1 Olivia Jiang (595-P) 5½-½

#2 (tied) Tyson Tanner (939-P) 5-1

#2   ”  Kaylee Elzinga (838-P) 5-1

Four first-grade kids got 4½ points in this section of the chess tournament, which was held at the University of Utah.

Kindergarten Section (29 children)

#1 (tied) Kelen Gold (875-P) 5-1

#1   ”  Tanish Chirag Shetty (818-P) 5-1

#1   ”  Spencer Wilson (804-P) 5-1



Chess Tournaments in Utah

  • Chess Teacher in Salt Lake Valley
  • State Elementary School Championships of Utah

Final-round pairings for Utah Elementary Championship of 2016 (2nd grade)

  • Jerry Zheng (5.0) versus Kazim Ali (5.0)
  • Jacob Rawle (4.5) versus Ethan Almond (4.0)
  • Madeline Roach (4.0) vs J Bartholemew (4.0)
  • Juntian Deng (4.0) versus Willie Carter (4.0)
  • Julius Lilley (4.0) vs Paul Stach (4.0)
  • etc.

Kayden Troff Wins Another Chess Tournament

American grandmaster Kayden Troff won the open section of the annual Utah Speed Championship, on February 27, 2016, at the University of Utah, with a perfect score of 14-0.