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Chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb
Author of Beat That Kid in Chess
A challenging end game to win
Cover of the paperback book "Beat That Kid in Chess"
Which of the following makes more sense for assisting your progress? Buy a library of chess books and hope for the best Take private chess lessons tailor-made for you Jonathan Whitcomb does not discourage players from purchasing chess books; he’s a chess-book author. Yet he recommends taking individualized lessons, and he now offers his services in the Salt Lake Valley. This is the best way to quickly progress in your abilities to play chess well. What’s the cost? Only $25 per lesson, more reasonable than what some tutors are forced to charge when they use national tutoring companies. Whitcomb specializes in chess, in contrast to what you may find with some results of Google searching for chess lessons in Utah. He does not use online marketing companies. He is independent. Let’s look at one example of a problem that can come up in using a search engine to find a chess tutor in the Salt Lake Valley. This is a national tutoring-marketing company found on the first page of a Google search on the phrase “chess lessons in Utah” (not using quotes), and the details are surprising, if not shocking. Each of the fifteen tutors listed on that page have generous space, full paragraph space, for describing their tutoring qualifications, experience, and charges. The listed lesson charges range from $27.50 to $62.50. Yet with all those many sentences about what those instructors teach, not once is the word “chess” found inside a paragraph. Not once! We read how those tutors teach writing, typing, math, science, English, music, and study skills. But “chess lessons” is mentioned only in each title space, obviously inserted by the national marketing company. If one of those tutors were specializing in chess lessons, surely we would find the word “chess” somewhere in one of those fifteen paragraphs. On the other hand, Jonathan Whitcomb specializes in chess tutoring. He’s a chess book author and writes and publishes his own marketing pages online. He is able to charge only $25 per lesson because he does not pay any national tutoring-marketing company. Better still, you pay nothing for the first session, which is a getting- acquainted meeting. If you feel comfortable after that free meeting, you can decide to take regular lessons. It’s completely up to you. Phone Jonathan at 801-590-9692 or use email.
Chess Lessons: Salt Lake Valley
Chess playing can improve your mind
Best book for the raw beginner:
What difference does age make? If you want to play chess much better, age should not hinder you. Whitcomb will put together many instructive ideas especially for you. The easy-to-use diagrams will be selected or created for your own unique abilities and needs in the game of chess. Do you already know the basics of knight forks? Maybe what you now need is instruction in the two basic types of pin or in the less-known tactic of removing the guard. Do you have specific chess goals in mind? Tell Whitcomb what those are. Do you have no idea where to start in your chess education and training? Let him guide you and learn what you will most enjoy in progressing in the royal game. He can probably drive to your location, if you live in the Salt Lake Valley. Lessons can be in your own home or in a public library or park. Call him now at 801-590-9692 or use email.
This chess book is for the early beginner: Beat That Kid in Chess. It takes you step by step through the basics you need. This may well be the best chess book ever written for the raw beginner who already knows the rules but who wants to learn to win. It was written by the chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb.
Whitcomb specializes in teaching chess. He recognizes that this game can help people develop their minds for being successful in other fields, yet he teaches players how to win chess games. That makes it fun.              Call 801-590-9692