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Student chess tournament 3D image of blue chess pieces Young woman and young man play a game of chess Two children enjoy a game of chess wooden chess set purple chess knight chess knight chess knight
Chess tutor Jonathan Whitcomb
$25 per lesson: Salt Lake Valley
A free chess tournament gave about half of the children their first ever experience in tournament competition. The event was organized by the local chess tutor Alexander Gustafsson and the Youth-Services librarian Laura Renshaw, with publicity help from the author Jonathan Whitcomb. was held at the South Jordan library on October 29, 2016. List of the eighteen young chess players who completed three rounds: Baker, Ewan (2-1) Carlson, Seth (0-3) Catacata, Bryan (1-2) Catacata, Jacob (2-1) Cichos, Carter (1-2) Cichos, Paxton (3-0) Christensen, Nephi (2-1) Chin, William (2-1) Gandhi, Aiden (3-0) McGee, Kyler (0-3) McGee, Riley (½-2½) Pedroza, Skyler (1-2) Petersen, Alexis (1-2) Petersen, Megan (1-2) Petersen, Natalie (1½-1½) Samuelson-Lynn, Moses (3-0) Smith, Brock (2-1) Zendejas-Portugal, Rodrigo (2-1) Thank you to all who made this chess tournament possible, including the parents of these bright young chess competitors. Jonathan Whitcomb hopes to have another free tournament in this library, perhaps this coming January or February. It will be for all ages: children, teenagers, and the grownups, and it will be rated using the new UCER rating system.
South Jordan, Utah, Oct-2016
Chess playing—what a great exercise for the brain!
This chess coach can teach you how to win chess games. You can received these low-cost lessons in your own home, if you live in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah (or for a small transportation charge it can be outside the SLV). Call Mr. Whitcomb: 801-590-9692. The first getting-acquainted chess lesson is FREE, and then you decide if you’ll continue with regular one-hour sessions at only $25 each. This chess tutor is the author of the book Beat That Kid in Chess. 
First place was shared by three young students: Moses Samuelson-Lynn Aiden Gandhi Paxton Cichos
Some of the young chess players
Directed by the chess instructor Alexander Gustafsson, Oct 29, ‘16
Warming up for the tournament
Chess can also help us to socialize